Plant-Based Cupcakes 3 Ways!

These cupcakes are moist, fragrant and mouth-watering! You can add any frosting you like but they’re so good by themselves that I almost never bother. However, for a special occasion, you can add this delicious cherry frosting. It may be an unusual combination but the cherries match the pumpkin spice cupcakes really well!

This recipe is perfect for the holiday season. You can eat some unfrosted cupcakes with your hot afternoon tea or can even decorate them beautifully and add to your holiday table.

Vegan Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes With Cherry Cashew Frosting

Not only is avocado jam-packed with healthy fats and fiber galore, but it also makes the perfect creamy base for the delicious chocolate orange icing that we use on these high protein cupcakes. Made to enjoy whenever and wherever you please, because… why the heck should cupcakes have to be enjoyed just for dessert? Enjoy these cupcakes with friends or keep them all to yourself, because without all the added sugar, gluten, and dairy, these protein cupcakes are pretty much guilt-free!

These Chocolate Avocado Protein Cupcakes Will Blow Your Mind (They’re Healthy Too!)

This dessert is over the top with zucchini and I would never have guessed they could turn out so delicious.

Zucchini in Chocolate Cupcakes? It’s a Thing… and They’re Delicious! (Gluten Free & Vegan)

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