3 Festive Spiced Smoothie Recipes (including Vegan Eggnog)!

Nothing says holidays more than festive cranberries. Throw a little raw beet into this (yep, 1/2 a beet!), and you’ll even have a little lovely lip glow for even more kissable lips under the mistletoe. Ginger is added to bring a little-needed warmth during these chilly days.

Festive and Warming Cranberry Ginger Beet Smoothie

Candy Cane lovers of the world rejoice! This simple candy cane smoothie contains only 4 ingredients, but might just be your new favorite holiday smoothie. Now, time to start stocking up on candy canes to make this smoothie one you can pull out all year round!

A Plant-Based 4 Ingredient Candy Cane Smoothie for the Holidays!

What better way to get into the spirit of the season than with a delicious eggnog spiced smoothie! Not only is it filled with vitamins and minerals, but will be a favorite at any holiday gathering.

Healthy Holiday Eggnog Spiced Smoothie

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