3 Festive Edible Gift Ideas (Vegan)

Show you care with these edible gifts that are easy to make and look (and taste) divine!

Chocolate bark is one of my favorite recipes to give as a gift, bring to dinners and potlucks, and of course to have in the cupboard as a treat for myself. I’ve made it so many different ways, and have certainly gone overboard with too many toppings. The way I’ve found that works best is to focus on three toppings—one nut, one dried fruit, and one additional topping (see suggestions below). My top pick for the holidays is super-powered goji berries, pistachios, and coconut.

Load up on Antioxidants with this Superfruit & Nut Dark Chocolate Bark

Whether you’ve got a gluten-free, vegan, or holiday sweets addict on your list, these festive red and green cookies are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face! Bring the gift of baking to your friends and family by packaging all the dry ingredients for this recipe up in a clean mason jar and decorating as you please.

DIY: Pistachio Cranberry Protein Cookies in a Jar (Great for Gifts!)

Who said vegan holiday baking can’t be just as fun and adventurous?! Make these easy vegan protein truffles and customize anyway you like. We offer three ways to customize and please the whole family, but the options are endless!

3 Vegan Chocolate Truffle Recipes: Coconut, Cranberry and Maca

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