2 Showstopper Vegan Dessert Recipes for the Holidays!

Looking for a vegan dessert to impress your friends and family? Try these two showstopper recipes!

This recipe has so many beneficial elements, and most importantly, it will not spike your blood sugar and will instead nourish your body with the various ingredients.

Dairy-Free? Try this Delicious Raw Vanilla ‘Cheezecake’ with Orange Berry Sauce!

This raw, hazelnut, chocolate mint tart is surprisingly easy to make and is a sweet treat more than appropriate for the holiday season. Best of all it won’t mess with your blood sugar whatsoever as it contains absolutely zero sugar. The sweetener in this tart comes from 100% organic apples thanks to an Italian product called Dolcedi.

I suggest topping a slice of this tart off with some dairy-free ice cream… sounds amazing.  Enjoy the holiday season and enjoy this recipe!

This Raw Hazelnut Chocolate Mint Tart is Delicious

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