Why You Should Wash Your Face with Oil for Better Skin

Why You Should Watch Your Face with Oil

Many moisturizer and body washes on the market today contain a cocktail of chemicals that sit on the surface of the skin and strip it of its natural oil, leaving your skin dry, rough and in desperate need of more product after just a few hours. So you buy more.

Simply removing these chemical products from your daily routine, in conjunction with boosting your intake of fresh food, will help bring back baby-soft skin.

You don’t need fancy, expensive man-made products to do this! Skin has been rejuvenating itself since the dawn of human-kind. It’s time we let it get back to what it does best. 

Natural Facial Care:

Any skin regularly exposed to the elements will experience some weathering. While we do face greater levels and diversity of pollution today, we live in less harsh conditions due to our indoor lifestyle.

However, no matter if we’re covering up to protect ourselves from the cold or the sun, our face typically braves it all.

Our face also tends to have thinner and more delicate skin, particularly around the eyes.

We have multi-billion dollars industries built upon this, and so if you find yourself on the relentless product treadmill, try the ‘less is more’ approach:

The Oil Cleansing Method:

If you have delicate, imbalanced and/or sensitive skin, that is prone to blackheads, enlarged pores and breakouts, scrubbing it to within an inch of its life is not helping. Products touted to clear pores and eliminate blackheads often contain harsh ingredients that only further agitate skin.

The oil cleansing method works on the principle that oil dissolves oil.

Since your skin produces it own oil like substance, sebum, cleansing with oil is an effective and gentle method for cleaning out blocked pores, allowing them to heal.

I highly recommend that you try The Oil Cleansing Method

Natural Body Care:

If you want to support your skin in returning to its optimal state, or just feel like indulging, try an all natural body butter.

  • Add a tablespoon of fine grain epsom or Himalayan salt to your body butter, and you’ve got an all natural cleanser and exfoliator.
  • A drop of any natural antibacterial into the mix, such as tea tree or aloe vera, will leave your skin clean and fresh.

As converse as it sounds, water-based products can be very drying for the skin. Oil can saturate more than water, and so goes beyond superficial ‘moisturising’ of the top layer to actually enriching the skin.

So if your skin feels dry after washing, you can use a small amount of an organic, all natural body butter or organic, cold pressed oil. Jojoba oil slides on like a second skin, absorbs quickly and has an unobtrusive smell, making it one of the best choices available.

You can find a short and fast low-down to my favourite oils here. 

You could also add a drop of your favourite essential oil as a DIY perfume.


As with anything, you need to give these practices a little time to take full effect. If you are new to oils, you may find that you experience some short lived breakouts at first. This is just your skin adjusting.

  • Start with lightweight oils such as vegetable squalene and Moroccan argan oil.
  • Tread lightly: Start with a very little amount of oil and built up gradually. If your skin is no longer absorbing the oil, then it already has enough oil. No one wants a slick face, so adjust the amount you need as your skin begins to produce its own oil.
  • Make sure to massage the oil in thoroughly. This is a good circulation boost for the face. Our circulation delivers what the skin and other organs need. 
  • Apply in the morning or half an hour before going to sleep to ensure that the oil is fully absorbed by the skin. Wash your pillow very regularly. If you have a face full of unabsorbed oil pressed into a pillow as you sleep, this can attract dirt and cause pimples.

Persist, and in the long haul, I hope that you too find your skin care needs turn back to basics.


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