Starbucks Packs 50 Grams of Sugar into their Frappuccino! Ditch the Extra Pounds and Make Your Own Slimming Blended Ice Coffee Instead

Slimming Frapp Recipe

Most of us know what it’s like to wait in the insanely long lineups at our favorite coffee shops. We wait anxiously for our first cup of morning coffee or that mid-afternoon pick-me-up to get us through the last few hours of the work day. With the hot summer temperatures, some of us even reach for a frothy Iced Frappuccino to give us a little energy and cool us down. But as delicious as they may taste, these refreshing icey treats are laced with sugar and saturated fats. A standard Grande Frappuccino packs in 50 grams of sugar! That’s just as much sugar as two sugary donuts!

This Frappuccino substitution uses Vega Protein for its chocolaty flavor, which pairs perfectly with metabolism-boosting espresso. It’s high in protein and fiber, which helps to boost the metabolism, shrink the muffin top and ward off hunger. Cinnamon also helps to regulate your blood sugar along with almond butter which is high in fiber and B-vitamins helping to satiate hunger pains and relax you—mitigating belly fat caused by stress. The best part, you’ll never have to wait in a lineup again!


Preparation: Blend all ingredients together until smooth. Enjoy! Get more delicious slimming vegan recipes.

Peggy Kotsopoulos