Use these 5 Secrets to Enhance the Results of Your Next Juice Cleanse

It seems like just about everyone goes on a juice cleanse at some point… to varying levels of success.
There are so many ways to tackle it – what time of year? How long of a cleanse? Beet or kale juice? And depending on the intention of the cleanse, there’s a different way for every person.  No matter what approach you take, a true cleanse is a holistic undertaking and it’s time to make the most of your efforts.  A juice cleanse can be far more than just juices – if you know how to support your whole system, your cleanse can be a complete transformation.
So here are 5 key things you can add to your next juice cleanse to bring it to the next level and make it your deepest and most powerful cleanse yet.

1. Stress-free space.

Meditation, breath-work, journaling and lots of time for reflection will help nourish your emotional body as well as your physical. Create a stress-free space as much as possible, even taking some time off from work – a cleanse is more than just releasing with juices. It’s a time for radical self care for your whole being, and it’s inevitable that your emotions will be stirred up right along with the toxicity.


2. Superfoods = Super detoxifying.

Noni, moringa, chlorella, spirulina, goji, aloe vera, turmeric- these foods will boost your juices with tons of micronutrients and superpowered detoxifiers. Noni is the true secret ingredient of the high-vibration cleanse, a powerful cleansing aid that grows wild in Central America and even the tribal islands off the coast of Panama. Fresh noni fruit is best, but leaves made into teas and dehydrated powder are also good.


3. Move your body, move the toxins.

Cleansing goes beyond juicing, so supporting all of your body systems will create opportunity for a deeper cleanse. Daily dry-brushing not only clears away dead skin, but supports the lymph system.  And when you add regular movement to your cleanse, whether a yoga practice or a good long walk, you’ll assist the body in removing the toxicity you’re freeing through your sweat.


4. Connect to the earth.

Don’t underestimate the power of breathing fresh air and touching the earth. Your environment is a significant piece of where your toxins come from in the first place, so as much as possible, source your water from a spring or clean well and surround yourself with a pure environment. Use your cleanse as an opportunity to unplug from electronics, too, and walk barefoot on the earth to ground out excess electrical charges you might have accumulated.


5. Create a support system.

When you’re cleansing with others, you can remind one another that what you’re experiencing – the highs and the crashes – is all a part of the process. You can support each other to stay the course, encourage one another through the tough times, and maybe even share juice recipes.


And to support your organs, a simple, cleansing tea recipe:

Nettles, noni leaves, turmeric and licorice root, steeped in hot water. Drink this preparation to soothe your belly and nourish your liver and kidneys.

Heather Day

Yoga Teacher and Lifestyle Consultant at Pacha Mama
Heather Day lives and teaches yoga in PachaMama, a transformation, retreat, and yoga center in Costa Rica. She is a lifestyle consultant for women who are ready to break through indecision and forge ahead to the adventurous life they want. Connect on Facebook or on Twitter.