10 Ways to Use Dates instead of Processed Sugar, Zero Calorie Sweeteners!

Medjool Dates
Medjool Dates

Artificial and zero calorie sweeteners have proven to be dangerous and quite harmful for our health. Did you know that when you eat (or drink) something with a zero calorie sweetener in it, your brain anticipates that calories will follow? When they don’t, the brain is triggered to compensate for the perceived missing calories, by eating more.

A better and healthier option would be to fuel your body with natural, whole foods that the body can recognize and easily assimilate nutrients from.

Medjool dates are a source of good carbohydrates, Vitamin B6 and minerals Potassium, Copper, Manganese and Magnesium.

When you need a sweetener, dates are a super option for you and can usually be found at the grocery stores or health food stores in your local area. Try to get organic as much as possible.

You can use any types of dates (medjool dates are shown in this picture) to make a variety of your recipes sweet, naturally!

1. Use dates with pecans or almonds to make a simple pie crust in your food processor!

2. If you want to sweeten up a smoothie, add 1 or more pitted dates!

3. Pit your dates, blend with a bit of water to make “date syrup” which can be used to bind or sweeten up raw dessert recipes in place of an alternative sweetener.

4. Dates and Almond or Pecan butter are a great combo!

5. Try putting a tiny spoonful of nut butter in a pitted date for a sweet and satisfying dessert or energy boost pre or post workout!

6. Blend dates, vanilla, almond butter, Himalayan salt and a maple syrup for a delicious and incredible tasting caramel dip.

7. Bring a few dates along with you for a run. They’re great for re-fueling along the way.

8. Dates taste amazing chopped in salads with pecans, blueberries or strawberries.

9. You can use dates to sweeten up raw salad dressings.

10. If you want to sweeten up your home-made nut milk, add 2-3 pitted dates while blending and strain the liquid as usual through a nut milk bag.

BONUS RECIPE: Click here to try these home made raw vanilla coconut truffles using dates & other healthy ingredients.

How do you use dates at home?

Sheleana Aiyana