4 Tips To Get Through the Holidays without Gaining Weight

The holidays are a time of celebrating with food. It’s tradition and there is nothing wrong with that.

The thing is that over time we have changed traditions from indulging on just the day of the holiday to indulging all holiday season long.

It seems that from Halloween until New Years is a time to indulge and this is one of the biggest problems. It isn’t that there are more temptations than any other time of year, it’s more so that we have decided already that we are defeated and will start fresh come New Years.

Take the emphasis off of the holidays as being a time to overindulge and don’t resign yourself to giving up on eating healthy until the New Year.

Instead try looking at the holidays like this:

1. Family is what makes the holidays special, not food.

Holidays are about celebrating and family time, not food. So let’s take the emphasis off of the food and bring our attention to those we are spending the day with. Enjoy their company, engage in conversation, and play games. The food doesn’t need to be the center piece of the day. Allow yourself to stop thinking about food and just enjoy the time with family and friends.

2. It’s okay to indulge (on the day, just not throughout the entire season).

The holidays are the best time to indulge and enjoy some pie or cake. As far back as time goes we use food to celebrate. Holidays, weddings, birthdays, and even funerals to name a few. So indulge on the day, and cut back on the days that are not actually celebratory.


3. Listen to your body.

I am sure you have heard a lot about mindful eating and it is truly a good thing to practice any day of the year. On the holidays though it can be especially helpful to tune into what our body is saying. Your body will send signals of hunger and fullness. When we listen and respect these we are much less likely to overeat. So when it comes time to sit down for your holiday dinner or if there are appetizers out beforehand remind yourself to listen to your body. You can do this by slowing down and chewing each bite of food 20 times.
Seems crazy but it works!

4. Fast the next day.

This, of course, is optional but hear me out. As I said before, our traditions for centuries has been to feast during times of celebration, like the holidays. The difference now is that there is no famine. During the holiday you may overeat and if this happens one of the best things you can do is have a controlled fast for a few hours the following day. This allows your insulin levels to go back to normal levels and your body to reset itself. Don’t be afraid to skip a meal or two. The key with doing this though is to break the fast in a healthy way. Start by planning what you will eat and when you will break the fast. Then focus on eating slowly when you do break the fast and not overeating.



Meaghan mcelroen

Meaghan is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and NASM – certified personal trainer who believes that awareness and movement lead to a healthier life.

She is an avid hiker, a former emotional eater, and a self-love coach. Meaghan combines strategic fitness workouts with mindset to help women overcome emotional eating and make better food choices so they can feel sexy and confident!

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