5 Tips for Having a Healthy (and sane) Holiday Experience!

5 Tips for Having a Healthy (and sane) Holiday Experience!

When one holiday ends there is always another one soon approaching…or there’s a wedding or some other must-attend event!  You may have asked yourself, “how do you stay healthy while still enjoying the holidays and not obsessing over food?”. Well, have no fear I got you covered.

Here are 5 simple and easy steps you can take to make any holiday more plant-based.

Even if you are not on a totally plant-based diet, you can always add more healthy veggies to your Holiday Menu!

Step 1. Plan in advance: If you are not hosting the party and can’t control the menu, then let your friends know to add some extra veggie dishes for you. I always like to make my own and bring it to the party so I know I’ll eat it.

Step 2. Create “mock meals” of your favorite or traditional dishes that you normally eat during that holiday. Create the foods you love or are passed on from traditions, but just make them healthier. Feeling deprived is the #1 reason people don’t stay on a healthy lifestyle change. So make it easy for yourself, if you can’t make it, buy it from someone who will. Empower yourself instead of depriving yourself.

Step 3. Salad is a must. Always be sure to have access to greens just the way you like them. They will give you the nutrients you need so that you are not starving when you’re eating the “naughty” foods.

Step 4. Add root veggies to the menu. Squash soup or sweet mashed potatoes are my 2 favorite root dishes that are warm and comforting.

Step 5. Don’t miss out on dessert! Who can have a holiday without desserts?! I found a local bakery near my place that makes healthy plant-based desserts, or if I have the time, I make them myself. You’ll find lots of amazing dessert recipes here on Young and Raw and elsewhere, so do a little searching and you’ll find there are plenty of healthy and delicious options. Dessert is always my favorite plate to bring as a guest vs. anything else. If you’re experiencing warmer weather over the holidays, try my watermelon cake, it’s always a hit!

Enjoy the holidays with the people you love. Don’t waste your time going crazy only eating salad or stressing out that there is any healthy food for you to eat. This is your health and stress ain’t good for you..plus it makes extra wrinkles!
Happy Holidays!

Jennifer Colalillo

Jennifer Colalillo "The Raw Green Chica" is a Holistic Nutritionist, Raw Food Expert, and Detox Specializing Chica.She became sick and tired of being "sick and tired" and decided enough of the stomach pains, weight gaining, eczema eruptions, and the run arounds from all these "so called experts".It was time to get to the bottom of this once and for all. No more starving diets, no more processed nasty foods, and to just try to eat more delicious and simple foods again...The way nature intended us to eat!From her 10 year journey from fitness training, yoga instructing, life coaching, holistic nutrition consulting, raw food training, to detox specializing workshops;Jennifer has finally found the recipe for radiant living.Find out what secrets she has got up her sleeve to help restore your body back to it's highest vibration.Fb: Jennifer Colalillo "The Raw Green Chica,"Twitter: The Raw Green Chica,Instagram: Jennifer Colalillo,YouTube: Jennifer Colalillo