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Jennifer Colalillo "The Raw Green Chica" is a Holistic Nutritionist, Raw Food Expert, and Detox Specializing Chica. She became sick and tired of being "sick and tired" and decided enough of the stomach pains, weight gaining, eczema eruptions, and the run arounds from all these "so called experts". It was time to get to the bottom of this once and for all. No more starving diets, no more processed nasty foods, and to just try to eat more delicious and simple foods again...The way nature intended us to eat! From her 10 year journey from fitness training, yoga instructing, life coaching, holistic nutrition consulting, raw food training, to detox specializing workshops; Jennifer has finally found the recipe for radiant living. Find out what secrets she has got up her sleeve to help restore your body back to it's highest vibration. Fb: Jennifer Colalillo "The Raw Green Chica," Twitter: The Raw Green Chica, Instagram: Jennifer Colalillo, YouTube: Jennifer Colalillo