A 7-Step Morning Ritual to Create a Balanced and Healthy Life

A 7 Step Morning Ritual for Energy & Clarity

1. Stretch first thing. (3 min)

When you wake up in the morning, give your body a stretch all the way from your head to your toes and use proper posture getting out of bed.  Spend a few minutes moving your body in bed to set some positive intentions for your day. Practice mindfulness, tune into your body and check in with how you’re feeling. What do you need to feel good today?

2. Drink water. (3 min)

Hydration first thing is probably the most across the board advice you’ll ever get from a health expert, nutritionist or energy specialist. Seems simple, but surprisingly, many people start their day with stimulants like coffee or juice and rarely incorporate water into their daily routine. This can result in fatigue, skin problems, and headaches. Drinking water will also stimulate your digestive system to start waking up, and provide a little wake up call to your brain as well.

3. Prepare an herbal tea, green juice or immune boosting elixir. (3-10 min)

If you plan to incorporate at least 15 minutes of gentle morning movement into the start of your day, now is the perfect time to start steeping your herbal tea or preparing an elixir or green juice for yourself. Herbs like milk thistle, dandelion root, or this ginger detox elixir are all great options. If you’re juicing, leave the fruit and juice leafy greens and low-sugar vegetables like cucumber, celery, bok-choy etc.

4. Do yoga or exercise for 15 minutes. (15 min)

You don’t have to go all the way to a studio or pay for a membership to enjoy the nourishing benefits of morning yoga. You can find a free 15 minute video no Youtube, or sign up for a membership to a yoga site like MyYogaOnline.com. Find a suitable routine that supports your physical goals (flexibility, strength, mobility) and practice every morning. If you have more than 15 minutes, that’s great too! The trick is to stay consistent in your routine. 

5. Have a cold shower. (3-7 min)

Before you say “Heck no!” hear me out on this one. Having a cold shower in the morning can be an alternative to taking stimulants. The cold water will increase your heart rate and increase your body’s oxygen intake, resulting in more energy throughout your day. A cold shower is also helpful for reducing stress, burning fat and easing joint and muscle pain! If you’re washing your hair, use cool or even cold water and you’ll notice your hair is less frizzy and more silky when you step out. Showering in cool or cold water also helps your skin retain its moisture, which can be especially helpful for dry skin types or the winter months when skin needs extra love and care.

Here’s how to do it:
– Start your shower off with warm to hot water, wherever you’re comfortable.
– Then as the shower goes on, slowly decrease the temperature until the water is cold.
– Try to stay in the cold water for at least 60 seconds to start.

6. Eat fat & protein for breakfast. (15-30 min)

Fat is not your enemy. There’s enough evidence out there now to know that fat is your friend, and it’s an essential element to any healthy diet. Fat & protein in the morning will help you to feel full longer and prevent energy crashes from imbalanced blood sugar that a high-sugar breakfast can cause.

7. Spend at least 30 minutes reading. (30 min)

Find a good book on something you’d like to learn more about, or a book that will inspire you to be your best self as you start your day. If you’re on a health journey, read something that will motivate you to reach your goals and develop the lifestyle you desire to lead. Reading has a calming effect on the brain, and stimulates your own ability to learn better. Not only that, but it’s a very peaceful gateway into whatever else you’ve got on the agenda for the rest of your day.

Sheleana Aiyana