Ancient Wisdom – 5 Royal Chinese Herbs for Vibrant Health and Longevity

Ancient Wisdom - 5 Royal Chinese Herbs for Vibrant Health and Longevity
Ancient Wisdom – 5 Royal Chinese Herbs for Vibrant Health and Longevity

Sometimes you must take one step backwards in order to move two steps forward. Chinese Tonic Herbalism (based on 5,000 years of history, benefits and wisdom) provides us with the system of Superior Tonic Herbs and lights the way to modern health empowerment.

“Wisdom is the best guide.”~Dalai Lama

Superior herbs are said to fall from Heaven and are considered “tonic”. Tonic herbs invigorate and strengthen. They tonify deficiencies within the body mentally, physically and spiritually, bringing the body back into equilibrium and strengthening the entire system.

Within Chinese Herbalism, energy throughout the body and nature is classified in three primary forms: Jing, Qi and Shen. These three treasures constitute the basis of one’s life and are analogous to a candle. Jing is the wick and wax, made of condensed energy to be spent. Qi is the flame or energy in motion, and Shen is the radiance and glow given off by the flame. The larger the body of the candle, the brighter the flame. Tonic herbs are used to nourish these three treasures.

Jing – Jing governs vitality, length of life and health. In Daoism, it is believed that we are each born with a fixed amount of innate energy. This vital energy is referred to as Jing, or essence, and is manifested as Yin and Yang. Stress, sickness and excess all tax Jing and it is said that when Jing is spent, disease and death arise.

Qi – Qi is the energy of life and the foundation of all action, function and thought. Qi is acquired through one’s food and air on a daily basis. Qi tonics act as adaptogens and have a significant impact on the immune system, metabolism and stress within the body. Qi also assists in building strength and muscle.

Shen – Shen is consciousness, awareness and peace of mind.  Those with strong Shen are calm, aware and centered. They are anchored in the way and are at peace with the world. Shen tonics cause one to feel calm, balanced and driven towards one’s highest goals.

Ancient Wisdom is a Tonic Superfood that combines the Royal Family of Chinese Tonic Herbalism (Duanwood Reishi Spores, Astragalus IV, Goji LBP-40, Schizandra and He Shou Wu) in a standardized and concentrated form. Ancient Wisdom is designed to increase assimilation, effectiveness and efficiency of these superior tonics to aid in tonifying the energies of one’s life.

Duanwood Reishi Spores – Known as the Mushroom of Immortality, Duanwood Reishi is grown in the mountainous regions of Northern China on original, specific logs and is known to be twice as potent as common Reishi. Once a year, the spores from these “original” Reishi are harvested and cracked for bioactivity. Studies show these cracked spores contain seventy-times the immunological activity of conventional Reishi mushrooms.

Astragalus IV – Astragaloside IV is considered to be the ultimate nutraceutical in the world due to it’s immune system modulating properties. Astragalus is the premier Qi tonic of Chinese Herbalism and is renown for it’s strengthening abilities to the body. It is said to fortify and support the body’s major energy meridians and metabolic functions.

Goji LBP-40 – Goji berries have long been touted for the promotion of longevity due to their role as a Yin Jing tonic in strengthening the blood and revitalizing the body. The concentration of 40% Lycium Barabarum Polysaccharides has been shown to be the most viable concentration of Goji Berry polysaccharides. It is these polysaccharides that support superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity, known as the youth enzyme, and promote Goji’s role as a longevity tonic.

Schizandra – The Empress of Chinese Herbalism, Schizandra contains all five classical flavors, tonifies all five Yin organs of the body and possesses large amounts of all three treasures. It is said that if Schizandra is taken for 100 days continuously, it will sharpen the mind, purify the blood, improve memory, rejuvenate the Kidney Jing energy, and cause the skin to become radiantly beautiful. Today, Schizandra is recognized for its broad-spectrum effects as a Phase I and II liver detoxifier, not only cleansing toxins from the liver but effectively binding to them and removing them from the body.

He Shou Wu – He Shou Wu, which translates as “Mr. He’s Black Hair”, is known in Chinese Herbalism for it’s role as a Jing restorative tonic. As legend goes, Mr. He was an old man who was unable to bear children. Upon seeing the vine of He Shou Wu growing intertwined in the forest he was advised by a Daoist monk to take it. Mr. He is said to have regained his virility, restored his health and to have had jet black hair when he was 130 years old.

Imperial Tonics sources the herbs within Ancient Wisdom from their original, natural & authentic growing regions in China, regions that are said to provide herbs with an abundance of Jing, Qi and Shen. Ancient Wisdom comes as a one-month supply, 60 servings of standardized extract in powdered form, formulated to be taken twice daily and guaranteed to produce a noticeable impact on your health, well-being and life.

Imperial Tonics was built on the deep-seated respect for and admiration of the three treasures of Chinese Tonic Herbalism. The profound effects of the herbs, seen personally and amongst friends and family, brought about the desire to work closer with these incredible substances and to share their knowledge and power with all who would benefit from them. Imperial Tonics exists as a center of healing, knowledge and wisdom focused on the Chinese Tonic Herbs.

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