Want to be a SuperFoodie? My Top 3 Superfoods for Newbies!

Superfoods make you super! Ok…well to not really. But they do contain a super amount of antioxidants and disease fighting compounds. I find a lot of people get discouraged with super foods because they are unsure how to include them in their diet. I like to keep my cupboards full with a few of my favorite super foods and use them in smoothies and recipes.

Here are my top 3 favourite super foods for newbies:

cacao powder

1. Cacao – this is the real deal when it comes to chocolate. Cacao is completely unprocessed and in its raw form, which can taste a little bitter. Personally, I like to swap out cocoa in recipes for cacao. It’s rich and chocolaty and makes the perfect substitution. Cacao is extremely high in magnesium which is an important mineral for detoxification. Magnesium is also a very calming mineral. So how about some cacao before bed to help you relax and ease you into sleep? You can find cacao in a powder form, as cacao nibs or as cacao butter. I like to add the powder to my smoothies, or make a hot chocolate with some nut milk and a little raw honey for the perfect treat!

Goji Berries 2. Goji Berries – these delicious little gems are loaded with B vitamins, vitamin C and contain anti inflammatory and anti bacterial compounds. Goji berries also contain a ton of antioxidants which help to boost your immune system. They can be quite bitter on their own. I find soaking them in some water brings out their sweetness and plumps them up! This is why I love to add them to my green tea in the morning. I also use them just as I would most dried fruits. They are great in raw brownie bars or cookies and even smoothies.

Maca Powder

3. Maca – This peruvian herb is incredible for boosting libido, balancing hormones and nourishing the adrenal glands. Maca is known as an adaptogenic herb (so are goji berries!). This means it can actually help your adrenal glands adapt better to stress so they don’t become so overworked. I love adding maca powder to my smoothies. You can also find this in capsule form. It is safe for both men and women to take. Plus, macs is incredibly energizing so its great to add to a morning smoothie to help fuel your day. Click here for 6 reasons you should include more maca in your diet.

I hope you head out to your local health food store and try these amazing super foods!

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