‘You Are a Love Being’ Raw Chocolate Bar from the Raw Dessert Kitchen


Snack Smarter Love being bar

Your heart is a generator of Love. Every beat is Love. This is the default mode, the blueprint.

Your head on the other hand, is a mess. About 90% of all your thoughts are of a negative kind, science say. And those thoughts dwell in your subconscious mind. There you have your self-hatred, your self-sabotage, the fear that you are 1) not good enough 2) and therefore not worthy of Love. Almost everyone has this. But… Your heart is Love. Mild Love, passionate Love, empathic Love, respectful Love, loyal Love, creating Love.

When you leave your heart alone to do its daily Love-work all is fine. It’s when you start to think, and the thoughts (good kind or bad kind) ignites a spark and triggers your heart, that it changes the course. You can light a spark of hatred or romance in your heart but it always comes from your head/thoughts. Why is this? I believe we come from a source of pure Love, that we are made into Love beings, sometimes very confused and lost Love beings, but we always long for and want to be in the sphere of Love. It’s simply the human rhythm. We can’t thrive without Love. An infant that doesn’t get Love, will soon die or get ill until someone cares for it. So let your heart do its daily work.

You Are A Love Being Bar

Recipe makes 4 big bars:


Bar dough

  • 1 cup hazelnut flour
  • 0.5 cup dates
  • 3 t virgin coconut oil
  • 3 pinches Himalayan salt
  • 0.5 T vanilla from pod
  • 1 handful of peanuts that are roughly chopped


  1. Pit and soak the dates.
  2. Make a date paste in the food processor, then add all of the ingredients except the peanuts until you have a dough.
  3. Then add the peanuts and incorporate them by hand.
  4. Form 4-5 bars with your hands.

 Chocolate on top

  • 100 g cacao liquor
  • 2 t virgin coconut oil
  • 2 T Agave nectar
  • 2 pinches Himalayan salt
  • 1/4 t vanilla from pod


  1. Slowly melt the cacao liquor in a water bath.
  2. When it is melted half way through add the coconut oil.
  3. When it’s all melted quickly add the rest of the ingredients, stir and coat the peanut butter coated bars with chocolate.
  4. The cacao liquor takes a while to melt. Meanwhile you make the spreading of peanut butter on top of the bars.

 Peanut Butter Layer

  • 2-3 tablespoons peanut butter (I recommend the health brand you think is the tastiest). If you love peanuts, add some extra on top.


  1. In the middle of each bar create a little “tunnel” by drawing a line with the backside of a knife. The deeper and broader the tunnel is, the more peanut butter you can fit into it.
  2. Spread each bar with a thick layer of peanut butter.
  3. Put them in the freezer while making the chocolate.

From the Karolina Eleonora´s Snack Smarter ebook

Karolina Eleonóra

Raw Dessert Chef at The Raw Dessert Kitchen
Karolina Eleonóra is a raw dessert chef that specializes in nut free and cacao free recipes. She is the author of the fun, life coaching ebook "Snack Smarter" that guides the reader in how to stock the freezer with easy to make, superfood infused raw snacks to support you when the sweet cravings set in. Visit www.therawdessertkitchen.com for more information.