10 Things People Who Practice Self-Love Do Daily

10 Things People Who Practice Self-Love Do Daily

Growing up in an abusive, unloving and highly dysfunctional family may not be surprising that self-love didn’t come naturally to me.

I knew self-hate and self-destruction very well, but I didn’t hear about self-love until my early 20s. At the time it seemed like a dirty and impossible concept to me.

As I began my healing journey from chronic headaches, depression and self-destruction, I began to realize that self-love was not dirty, but necessary for healing, health and happiness.

Yet, it seemed like an impossible task. I assumed that people, who experienced self-love, felt it in their entire lives or were lucky that self-love magically showed up at their door-steps. I was hoping for magic.

Then one day I realized that self-love is a practice. Self-love is a series of actions. It is a learning process part of the healing journey. As I begin to understand and practice the steps of self-love my life began to shift. Self-love is beautiful and healing for me.

Here are 10 things I learned that people who practice self-love do daily:

1. They practice emotional vulnerability.

Understand that your emotions are just a way of communication within yourself sending important messages to you about what you need to heal and live happy. Never repress, block or ignore your emotions, instead listen to them and their message with loving compassion.

2. They stop all judgment and criticism of self.

Understand that nobody is perfect, or rather, everybody is perfect in their imperfect way. Judgment and criticism only leads to negative emotions. When you accept and approve yourself as you are you allow yourself to be present and to grow in a positive, loving manner.

3. They forgive themselves.

Everything has it’s reasons. There are no mistakes only learning experiences and opportunities to grow. Understand that you simply did the best you could at the time. Take away the learning experience, forgive yourself and let the past go. Allow yourself to move on.

4. They are gentle with themselves.

Think about yourself as a vulnerable being that needs love and care. Know that you deserve all the love and care in the world. Be gentle, be kind, be loving and be patient with yourself. Practice self-awareness. Practice self-care on a mind-body-soul level.

5. They aim for balance in life.

They understand that life is not about the color pink, but all sides of the rainbow. You can’t be on the sun without seeing shadows around you. Accept your shadows as a natural and essential part of life. Accept life as is: an ever-changing, exciting, perfectly unpredictable journey.

6. They take time and space for themselves.

There will be times when you feel angry, tired or frustrated. Just listen to your body and emotions and allow yourself to regain balance. If you are triggered by someone, instead of over-reacting, step back for a moment and respond from a place of love and understanding, instead of anger. Schedule time for yourself : when you can, rest, reflect, meditate, process and regain energy.

7. They practice positive self-talk.

The voice inside your head and the way your talk to yourself has an enormous impact on your life, happiness level and well-being. Getting into the habit of positive self-talk can uplift you and move you forward. Notice your self-talk patterns and step-by-step change the negative messages into positive statements. You can have loving conversations with yourself in the mirror, use mantras or write love-notes to yourself.

8. They take care of their bodies.

It is true that we are not only our bodies, but we exist on a mind-body-soul level. However, the body gives a foundation for us. When you fuel and take care of your body properly you will have optimum energy and vitality. Learn about nutrition, exercise, and other self-care routines, then introduce them into your life one-by-one as needed. Remember, your body is your home and temple.

9. They do mirror work.

How often do you look into your own eyes? You should. Your eyes are the window to your soul. Stand in front of the mirror for a few minutes each day looking into your eyes deeply. You may be uncomfortable and you may even cry at first. That is okay, mirror-work is a practice to help you grow a sense of self-love and relationship with self. While looking into the mirror you can have conversation with them. This is an excellent opportunity to practice positive self-talk or repeat affirmations.

10. They play.

What was your favorite game as a child? What made you happy? Do you still play the same? Think about what makes you happy. Don’t be afraid to be silly and to play like a child. Have fun, smile, and laugh. Let yourself feel and express the joy of life.


Kat Gál