25 Lessons We Can Learn from Children (Answers from Real Parents)

20 Things We Can Learn from Children (Answers-from-Real-Moms) We asked real moms & dads everywhere this question: Are you a parent? What’s one or two of the MOST PROFOUND lessons you’ve learned from your children?

Below are answers from parents. Some of them are cute, some are powerful and some will make you stop and think about what really matters in life.

1. They forgive and forget quickly. They do what they feel in the moment without reserve. – Martha

2. To truly not judge people because they look different from what you are used to. Wonderful people don’t all look the same. – Landry

3. My daughter shows me everyday that those around us are simply reflecting back to us our inner most feelings. I never truly realized this until I saw the rawness of her emotions. My experience with her is an indicator of how I treat and feel myself. This understanding allows me to be conscious and if I’m not happy with how things are going with her, I adjust myself, not try to adjust her. Works like a charm. – Katie

4.  To have that innocent sense of wonder, to ask lots of questions and to laugh as much as possible. – Michelle

5.  Jumping in muddy puddles is not just for Peppa Pig. Enjoy life!! – Reet

6. Slow down and live in the moment! – Sarah

7. They simply trust and ARE their true selves without makeup! – Maria

8. The greatest commandment is to Love. They taught me that what they need to be successful is love. Not criticism, not lessons, just pure love. – Liz

9. My children have taught me about pure unconditional love. What it is to love and to be loved in return unconditionally. The have taught me not to hold onto my hurt and anger and to be quick to forgive. They have taught me to be fearless and brave and courageous. They have taught me to look for the best in people, even those who actions seem mean, are acting out, (and yes even adults do this!) They have taught me to be strong and stand up for what I believe in even if it means, friends/family walk out of my life. They have taught me wonder, and sweetness, and joy in all that I do. My children have given me faith. My children believe in me and therefore I owe it to them to always believe in myself. – Lily

10. That processed food is icky….my son won’t eat it! It’s like he has a radar…cold cuts hot dogs anything that can be cooked in the microwave even artificially flavored rice…but he will eat a bag of carrots and trail mix! I wasn’t a fan of processed but mommy and daddy on the go led me to try it…needless to say our microwave is in the trash! He asks is this snack organic? He’s four – Alison

11. To pay attention right now. My children will let me know “just a minute” really is never a “minute”. Have called me out on it. So I do not do that anymore, unless I’m in the car. I realize and have been taught by my children to “not postpone joy”. That is now the norm and “just a minute” is the exception. Because when I used to say that, it was longer than a minute. My kids said that to me and they were RIGHT, busted. – JM

12. I have learned how to slow down and take everything in. It’s easy (and hard at the same time) to do when it takes 2 hours to walk one block. – Rachel

13. To only eat when you are hungry and listen to what your body is telling you it needs. – Mary

14.  I have learned from my daughters that I am loved unconditionally. Loved more than I ever have been. Loved for always. – Emily

15. To slow down. Stop rushing & enjoy the little things. – Nicole

16. Giggle at almost (almost) everything! – Jani

17. To enjoy the smallest and simplest of things they are always there and cost nothing. – Karen

18. Practice being present, in the moment. My son has reminded me that big people want the same as little people – love, attention, touch, engagement, one on one time, acceptance. – Michael

19. Patience, acceptance and to see the beauty in even the smallest things although with everyday my son teaches me more and more. – Alexandra

20. If it’s not life threatening, it’s not worth stressing over. – TJ

21. To do the fun stuff first, life’s too short to waste on cleaning or making heaps of money. Get out the good toys and have fun. – Emma

22. Remember how cool the small things in life are and how to be true to your own feelings, and to listen to them. – Natasha

23. First to forgive and forget quickly, second, not to worry. – Emily

24. They’ve taught me to put myself in their shoes. To see the world (as best I can) through their eyes. I’ve carried this on in my own life with other people. It’s not really to be compassionate as I already was good at that, I suppose it’s that they’ve taught me to truly empathize. Experiencing empathy in both good and bad situations connects me to who I’m with so much more. My kids taught me how to do that:)
To feel the glee of splashing in puddles, to feel the frustration of being sent to bed earlier than you want, to feel the sadness of your favorite toy being lost really just helps me react and parent better.
P.S. – I love my kids. – Mary

25. That when I think I’ve been caring or kind enough they show me that I have more to give. – Jackii

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