3 Ways to Improve Your Digestion for Optimized Weight Loss

Nutritionists Suggest These 6 Eating Habits that Will Make You Healthier

Bloating, cramping, irregular bowel movements and flatulence are the most common problems I see in clinic. Sometimes these digestive symptoms are caused by the food intolerance or digestive conditions but other times these frustrating symptoms can be easily fixed.

In my experience for those who do not suffer from an underlying health condition, digestive discomfort and associated symptoms are often not only associated with the foods we eat but also how we eat them. The first cause of an upset belly can be the foods we eat. We all know we are going to wake up not feeling to crash hot if we eat a giant pizza the night before. For those of you who consistently eat ‘healthy’ and still suffer from symptoms, we might think we are eating the right foods, but we might be eating the wrong foods for your body constitution or at the wrong times (this is when a practitioner can help guide you).

The second cause of digestive problems lie in the way we actually eat our food, and this can be fixed very quickly and simply and without a cabinet full of supplements.

Here are my three steps to digestive bliss.


A huge problem we face in modern society is that we are bombarded with media when we eat. For at least dinner take the time to make the environment that you eat in a peaceful one. Think fine dining at home. You would never go to a fine dining restaurant and have the Television blaring or sit on your mobile phone, you would have calm tranquil music, dim lights and a calm atmosphere. By turning off your television and phones, playing some calming music and dimming the lights you are helping calm the mind down and setting up a beautiful scene to eat your meal and digest easily.



We are conditioned to eat very quickly. We have timed lunch breaks or are often to busy to eat but this is the greatest cause of indigestion. Take the time to savor each bite of food. Chew your food until it breaks down in your mouth and take the time to eat your food properly. Often we are so distracted by our environment we shovel down our food and before our body has time to realise that is has even eaten.



The third and final tip today is not to drink too much during a meal. We often do not drink enough fluids during the day and gallop down liters of water or drink during our meals. This is the worst thing you can do for digestion. Drink 300mls max during your meals and try to be more consistent with your fluids throughout the day. Carry around a trusty drink bottle and keep it next to your work desk.

I hope some of these tips help you on your journey to digestive bliss. For more information please feel free to connect with me below.

Amy Hotz

Naturopath and Creator at Amy Hotz Wellness
Amy is a Sydney based Naturopath, yoga teacher and raw food enthusiast. Her philosophy is based on earth and nature inspired health prevention, the healing power of food and the love of natural simplicity.