Nutritionists Suggest These 6 Eating Habits that Will Make You Healthier

Nutritionists Suggest These 6 Eating Habits that Will Make You Healthier

Incorporating these 6 eating habits are a sure fire way to eat healthier on any occasion.

1. Serve your vegetables first! Wether it’s a salad or some steamed broccoli, load up your plate with these nutritious foods first to ensure you fill up on greens.

2. Serve dinner from the stove or counter instead of on the table. This helps prevent unconscious nibbling after your done.

3. Use dinner plates that are 9-10 wide. It’s easy to fill up a plate no matter what size, so opt for a smaller plate to prevent overeating.

4.  Avoid distractions while eating. This means no TV,  cell phones or computers. People tend to eat more when they aren’t paying attention.

5. Don’t keep junk food at home. It’s twice as hard to say no when there’s chips and chocolate sitting in your cupboards.

6. Keep your kitchen organized and clean. This helps prevent wastage and overspending on ingredients that may be buried. Plus your more likely to use your kitchen and cook from home.

These are some of the top things we teach our nourishment clients. Sign up to become a nourishment client today and discover a whole new way to approach food & nutrition.


Rachelle Girardin

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