Why I Decided Not to Detox During My Cycle (And What I Do Instead)

I decided to write this short post after my recent period. I’ve been living mostly on fresh organic juices and smoothies for quite some time (about 40 days) before my period. But a few days before it started like most of women I was feeling cranky, less energetic, heavier, due to water retention, and hungry for more substantial foods and even junk like store-bought cookies and chocolate.

Does something similar happen to you around your monthly cycle?

Eventually I gave in to my desires. I didn’t eat store-bought junk but I did eat raw cashews and almonds that I roasted myself and some home-made chocolate. My body and mind felt more relaxed and balanced after that. But I got really frustrated with myself at first because I couldn’t keep a promise to myself to do a prolong raw vegan liquid detox. That is until I decided to do research this whole thing to do with craving heavier and not so healthy food just before our periods and maybe the first couple of days.

Here’s What I learned

The bleeding that occurs during menstruation is a natural detox. Toxins that are stored in the blood and liver have a chance to be flushed out. This process is attributed to the fact that many women live longer than men.

During your menses you are actually supposed to take it easy. It is a time for rest, recharging your batteries and light duty. Pamper yourself!” – Natural detox – Menstruation

You should not do a cleanse or any kind of detox while on your period. Your period is already a way your body has to detoxify. It is especially important for cleansing the uterus.” – Natural Health for Fertility

Aha! So that’s what it is – I thought to myself.

My body was just naturally trying to tell me that I got to slow down with all the detox I’ve been doing, take it easy and give the body a chance to do the work it needed to do with less stress on the system!

All the cravings and being cranky just happens naturally because a lot of toxins are being dumped into our system and that effects our mood, hunger and desires for particular foods.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say that we should give in to all of our cravings and take out our crankiness on people around us but I do want to emphasize that it’s very important to take it easy a few days before your period and first couple of days at least.

Taking it Easy is Key

  • Take it easy with diet – allow yourself a few healthy and maybe not so healthy indulgences like good quality dark chocolate and vegan ice-creams, or organic vegetable chips – find something that will satisfy the craving and is the least harmful.
  • Take it easy with exercise regimen – maybe it’s time to do some yoga or pilates instead of intense workout routines, going for walks instead of jogging.
  • Take it easy with work – do less work, rest more, go to the spa, take a relaxing bath, have a massage, stay in more and just relax, read a book, have more naps – basically stop being a superwoman for a while trying to save the world every day.
  • Take it easy with relationships – don’t make too many appointments, stay in instead of going out, try not to argue, understand that you can be set off easier and just breathe when you are about to say something not so nice to people around.

The more we honor our bodies’ natural needs for rest and taking it easy during our periods, the more our bodies will honor us throughout the rest of the month, giving us more energy and vitality.

When is it a good time to start a Detox?

It’s easier to detox when we are not in the part of our cycle that can cause our bodies to need refueling.  Wait a couple of days after your monthly cycle to let your body balance itself out after natural detox you’ve just been through and start a cleanse or detox program then – this is the ultimate form of self-care!

Anzhela Shurina

Dream Body Life Coach, Health/ Weight Loss/ Fitness Coach; Raw Vegan Advocate and Chef, Inspirational Writer and Speaker.

Anzhela is passionate about holistic health and fitness, along with vibrant and delicious raw foods. Her mission is to help people with one simple step at a time towards their Dream Body and Dream Life! She also is the author of two e-books : “51 recipes for Ideal Body”, “Exercise and Fitness for Busy People” that you can download when you subscribe to her newsletter.

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