Feast on this Blood Building Beetroot Juice Recipe!

Red beets have been used since the times of the ancient Greeks as a blood purifier and builder. They were commonly given to those who suffered blood loss, considered a life-saving remedy in the days before blood transfusions. Red beets have positive effects on red blood cells because of their high iron content, which is particularly well-absorbed and assimilated, according to “Biochemistry of Human Nutrition.” Beet juice is also recommended by natural physicians as a spleen and liver cleanser.

Other benefits of beetroot include:

  • Rich in boron
  • Have aphrodisiac effects on both men & women
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Lowers your risk of getting cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, and diseases to the digestive tract
  • Gives a boost to sedentary people (boosts your stamina)
Don’t leave out the beet leaves. They are among the healthiest greens that you can buy! They have seven times more antioxidants than romaine lettuce and are on a par with kale in terms of overall nutrition value.
So you can see why it’s so great to get in beets into your daily diet. Once of the best, most concentrated ways to get beets is to juice them! So here’s a delicious and easy beetroot recipe that you can enjoy.

  • 2 beetroots with leaves
  • half a cucumber
  • 3-5 carrots
  • 1 celery stalk (optional)
  • half a lemon
  • 1 inch piece of ginger
  1. Run everything through your juicer and enjoy! If you want the juice smoother you can run it through a nut milk bag/cheesecloth or a sieve.
Quick Note: Don’t worry if this makes your pee or stool red (a phenomenon known as beeturia) it is a harmless condition that affects 10 – 15% of the population and is caused by the red pigment in beets. This happens if you lack the specific combination of genes that produces a compound that breaks down the red pigments. I have this and so does my family!

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