Get Lost. It’s A Gift….


Have you been lost? Most of us probably have to some degree or another…
When we allow ourselves to let go of the rigid “blueprints” we create for our lives, the imminent disappointment and ultimate suffering that results from failure to achieve these idealistic outcomes seem to fade. We find a beauty, perhaps a previously unrecognized transparency within ourselves. We often find growth in these “gifts” that we may have never imagined nor could have fathomed asking for. It is often in our darkness we regrow and redefine our light.


Maybe we allow ourselves to breathe, slow down in those dark hours and tune into a revised “plan” for our lives. One that is true to the paths we were designed to follow. One that offers a satisfaction and beauty throughout the entire journey. Not some promise of personal fulfillment when we reach our often skewed definitions of “whole.” Perhaps along this path we begin to once again recognize the person staring back at us daily.

Maybe we cultivate a whole new appreciation and respect for personal power and the ability to rebuild updated versions of our realities. Maybe we fall back into alignment or become cognitive of grounding values long lost. Maybe allowing ourselves to wholly break is the only thing with the capability to find, polish and shine the truest desires of both our hearts and souls. Maybe it’s in this very place we find an authenticity in our lives that settles in and nourishes our beings. We find that space within ourselves, we can truly call “home.”

Lauren Williamson

Lauren is a Mindset Coach for Women Entrepreneurs. Her passion is helping you rock your passion and doing it in a way that feels good where it counts, keeps you out of those overwhelming meltdown moments and puts you in a collected, calm and centered space allowing you to thrive in ALL areas of your life!
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