Your Life’s Work: A Universal Invitation – Will You Accept Yours?

I’m a self-propelled, “type A” personality at heart. In the best spaces, this relentless drive has enabled me to embrace and invite a resiliency and fight into my life – one even I didn’t realize existed within me. In the worst spaces these exact same traits have crippled my growth, pushed me beyond the brink of mind and spirit exhaustion and left me standing on the outskirts of my own life, feebly staring in.


Within each one of us there is shadow and there is light. If we truly examine and deconstruct our own single traits, we can source the illuminated and the darkness in each and every one of them. Without this understanding of polarity, how exactly can we fully experience one human emotion or characteristic? How can we claim to wholly comprehend true fulfilment, if we’ve never allowed ourselves the opportunity to be hollowed? There is no authentic abundance available to us, without ultimate acknowledgement of lack.

It’s within this absolute state of lack where we are peeled back to our rawness. We are exposed and vulnerable. It’s a space where we have the opportunity to choose. It’s where we summon the strength of our roots and call upon a deep and sacred trust and knowing of self. It’s where we source power from powerless and transform night into day. It’s where our shadow selves allow us the room to embrace our darkness because without it, we simply can’t seek or nurture the presence of light.

When unveiled, each and every aspect of who we are, whether deemed “good or bad,” holds a profound opportunity to engage and master an untapped relationship and knowing of self. This personal conversing may be unconventional in nature, its purpose questionable and outcome often ill understood.

This is not a game the faint of heart play, this is life work. This is the deepest investment one makes in themselves. This is a Universal invitation to unravel and rewind, according to a purpose greater than our Egos, bigger than our materialistic needs and in tune with our small territory within the human experience.

This is our genuine opportunity to grow with intention, to cultivate appreciation and to forge a path of retired resistance. This is where, when we settle in, our lives authentically and harmoniously play themselves out. This is where we align with our unique Dharma. Oblivion to our purpose no longer plagues us and we learn to truly embrace the precise spaces, we’re intended to hold.

Lauren Williamson